A shopping centre in the heart of the mountains located in Banff, Canada came to Western Sky for a new brand along with their new renovations. In this identity concept, I created cascading shapes within the C, that represent elements of nature to link the shopping centre with its surroundings. I created an abstract texture to compliment the word mark to mimic tree bark, rock, and water, supported by a warm, natural colour palette. 


For the ad campaign, I wanted to focus on creating a connection with tourists in an unconventional way. To do this, I thought up a series o travel  dilemmas many of us have been through, and used this as my concept. The messaging redirects tourists to the centre to educate them on the services and shops available to help solve their dilemma.


  • Company

    Western Sky Creative

  • Client

    Cascade Shops

  • Project Date


  • Location

    Calgary, Alberta

  • Category

    Creative Direction
    Corporate Identity

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