Self Promotion

As the design world has drastically shifted since I started, there once was a world of hard cover folios and almost mandatory to have an unconventional resume that showcases your creativity by transforming something boring into something that gets any creatives attention.


Last year, when I was new to the Australian industry, I decided it was time to up my chances on getting recognised in the design field. I came up with a self-promotion piece I had thought up YEARS ago – but never had the time or patience to see it through.  I became JUIC. Jess Uhren Integrated Creative – Highly concentrated creative.  I created a juice label using a play on words that not only descried the best type of “juice” out there, but also described me. Along with that, I continued with much loved puns to go on my business card, which I think really resonates with my personality, and type of creative I am – a creative that loves conceptual work that has meaning, but also not taking things too serious, and always having fun in the process.


I had both the labels and cards printed – but only to find out  before I was able to get my hands on them, I ended up landing the freelance role I wanted, without even sending this beauty of a concept.


Will have to save it for a non co-vid type of day.


Colourful healthy smoothies and juices in bottles on color backg


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