THE CHALLENGE: Evolving a sales-led brand into a more inspirational led look that has more depth than just a price point. Also focusing on the digital market: bringing the brand on top of quickly evolving retail and digital markets.


THE SOLUTION: Reviewing brand strategy and prioritizing the digital side over retail. As a team initiative, we collected demographic research and paired it along with our existing knowledge of the youth demographic market. I wanted to create a shift from our current sales driven marketing approach to a more inspirational, personalized approach. Updating the “stocky” photography to have a more creative lense (using UGC where possible), and tying it together with fun brand language to lead the campaign.


THE OUTCOME: Retail concepts were well received by the creative, marketing and digital teams – concept was copied over to use in other global markets as a result. The digital animated gifs increased both click rates and sales compared to similar static campaigns every single time.


The cookbook was designed first and used as a brand basis. One new font was added to the magazine to give it a softer feel that worked well with the new hand drawn elements.



  • Company

    STA Travel

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    London, UK

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    Creative Direction
    Art Direction
    Project Management
    Digital Strategy
    Multi-Channel Campaign