Hershel Supply TikTok Campaign

For a Fall 2022 campaign, we created two sets of content series for Hershel’s TikTok channel. Both series follow an inspirational way of storytelling while subtly weaving in Hershel product. I worked with a team of strategists and creative director to present and produce a series called “Quick Trips”. This concept was meant to inspire short getaways to escape your city to explore those hidden gems nearby. We had creators tell us their quick trip story over three videos: 1: Taking us on their journey 2. highlighting something cool they ate during the trip 3. A hidden gem on their trip. The second series theme was gift giving. As we wanted this to feel authentic to the channel, we created a three part series, following a creative. In the first video, they show us their skill of hand crafting a gift, in the second, they talk about their most memorable gift, and third is wrapping a gift for a loved one, all while having Hershel product weaved organically in the series. The series was highly successful and received over one million impressions on TikTok.
Hershel Supply
Thinking Box /Antisocial Solutions
Project Date
September 2022
Vancouver, BC
Art Direction Creative Strategy Campaign Digital
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