MUSH Oats is a CPG client I led a social campaign strategy for, and won the retainer client. For the launch of the brand, we strategized for their digital channels, where I led the art direction on brand photoshoots and campaigns. 

We put focus on the overnight oats to highlight its clean ingredients and added a cheeky tone of voice – the overnight oats you want to spend the night with and Oats so clean it’s dirty.

The first launch campaign ran in September, where we created curated content around “back to routine”. The campaign featured humorous common routine mishaps and resonated with short-on-time situations where MUSH was there to save your day.

The content was featured on AdWeek for the brand’s new content launch.


  • Client

    MUSH Oats

  • Agency

    Antisocial / Thinkingbox

  • Project Date


  • Location

    Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Category

    Creative Direction
    Art Direction
    Social Media Strategy