We helped launch a new nicotine gum product on social, where we highlighted the brands uncompromised quality mixed with the audiences discerning taste. We’d call that a match. Life is full of hard decisions. Choosing a life without tobacco shouldn’t be one of them. 

In this campaign, we’ve made Sesh the clear choice. Because great flavour, great ingredients, and great quality makes for great taste. It really is that simple.

Leveraging clean matching imagery paired with bold text, we present no-fuss nicotine and let the great product stand for itself. The campaign is made to fit within every lifestyle, and give time back to the audience to spend on things that matter, or other indulgences – that decision is yours.


  • Client

    Sesh Gum

  • Agency

    AntiSocial / Thinkingbox

  • Project Date


  • Location

    Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Category

    Creative Direction
    Art Direction
    Social Media Strategy

  • AntiSocial Solutions