STA Travel Trend Reports

STA Travel Trend Reports

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve used my blog function so I thought I’d start during CO-VID. I wanted to share some projects I really loved working on, and what I’ve been up to in the last five years.


To start, I left Calgary, Canada to follow my love of travel back in 2015. I had a friend over in London, UK who swore it was the best life decision she’s made to move over there. I couldn’t agree more. I moved from boutique agency side to in-house roles, what a change that was – but I loved every minute of the shift. It was not only the new work experience I was gaining, but the invaluable life experience, which has inspired me to be the strategy-led creative I am today.  I ended up working for a global travel company (how fitting!) which had an amazing work culture; I was surrounded by people from all over the world that lived and breathed a passion for travel. I fit right in – and my passion landed me a promotion from local team to global creative management – including a sponsorship to stay in the country.


I was then overseeing seven global divisions of all creative work – and I loved the challenge. My weekly tasks involved managing all creative workflow, checking over creative briefs and giving any creative direction at the inception of projects when needed. I would monitor projects through concept to completion to ensure brand standards were being met, and all campaign assets were aligned. On top of that, I would continue to cultivate relationships (using Skype calls on all hours of the day) with each global marketing team and catch up about new projects and offer creative direction when needed. 


Next task involved brand strategy and evolution, which also was one of my favourite parts of the role. As I knew the way our demographic buys travel had changed enormously in the last five years, I really wanted to help evolve the whole customer experience – focusing on retail stores and digital offering to start . This led to the creation of a design and demographic trend report, to inspire growth and brand evolution. I created a newsletter template and sourced new monthly articles that showcased relatable trends that could help evolve our brand.  From retail trends, to travel trends, and anything related to our customer demographic, I shared with the company. These trend reports inspired local marketing teams to think differently about event activations and how to move forward within retail. Conversations were started around a retail store strategy, which sparked a “retail innovation” project, which I co-managed. Overall, the trend reports created conversation that helped move the company into big discussions about company strategy and direction, that is still evolving today.


You can download a clickable copy of the trend report, here.